“Today, we capture places in a few ways. I can compress a space through text, send it to you, and you reproduce it in your head. I can take a photo that can be incredibly powerful, but it captures a singular moment or singular view.
Then you move to video and you have time, you’re moving forward. The next step is actually being able to capture all 360 degrees and depth and everything that’s going on.”
-Cory Ondrejka, VP of Engineering. Facebook-

Let us help you overhaul your digital marketing strategy to capitalise on today’s immersive tech.

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Spherical StoryTelling

The look on someone’s face when they first realise that the video they’re watching can be rotated through 360 degrees in any direction is absolutely priceless. You don’t see that look on the faces of grown-ups anymore.

Nowadays we think we’ve seen it all and marketers have an almost impossible time providing their audiences with new experiences.

When you successfully return that sense of wonder to a person, especially in our cynical, media-saturated age, they’ll never forget you. 360° video opens up so many new avenues. Create cutting-edge viral videos and put your message on everyone’s lips.

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