23 Nov

Stabilised 360° camera rig at the EU Robotics Week

PolarEffect with Helikas Robotics present the working prototype of the ‘Philon’ 360° Video stabiliser

PolarEffect and Helikas Robotics will be presenting for the first time the innovative solution for shooting stabilised 360° video. The talk is on Friday the 27th of November at the Cyprus University of Technology.

The event takes place as part of the European Robotics week which kicks off in several EU countries on Monday the 23rd and ends on Sunday the 19th of November.

You can find more information about the event here and on the Facebook event page.

If you would like to receive updates on our stabiliser solution for 360-degree video you can subscribe below and we’ll be sharing more details very soonhttp://eepurl.com/bzQJer

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02 Nov

PolarEffect @ the DutchVRDays

PolarEffect was invited to give a demo at the first DutchVRDays Festival. On the 31st of October we joined 50 other renowned Virtual Reality companies from around Europe. The event took place in 15 different rooms at the stunning Vondel CS building at the Vondelpark, in the heart of Amsterdam.

During the demo dayvisitors could experience our 360-degree films from Iceland and the SAiL 2015 Festival. We were happy to receive the incredible reactions and comments from the public and our co-exhibitors!
We also consulted company representatives on how 360º video can be utilised for marketing and other purposes and gave tips to new 360º video producers.

The demo day was a great success with thousands of visitors from the Netherlands and abroad. We thank the organisers for the smooth operation and we look forward to the next DutchVRDays Festival.

Interested for a demo or to know more about 360º video and how it can be utilised? Drop us an e-mail at immerse@polareffect.com

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25 Jul

Google introduces 360° video ads on YouTube

360° Video ads on YouTubeWith 360° video becoming increasingly popular and favoured by marketers for the interactivity and engagement it provides, the world’s biggest companies such us Google, Microsoft, Samsung and Facebook have been making huge steps towards promoting and embracing the technology.

Google has just recently announced YouTube’s new feature, the 360-degree video ads. Spherical video makes storytelling stronger and brings the audience closer to the brand. The 360° ads can give a taste of the company’s identity and what a client can expect. “We’ve really designed them to help advertisers showcase their digital showrooms,” YouTube ads Product read more

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08 Jun

Polar Effect’s Icelandic Adventure!

Always on the lookout for unforgettable vistas, at the end of March we embarked on an epic Icelandic adventure and took all our 360° gear with us. Now we can proudly say that we’ve joined the illustrious company of Game of Thrones, Top Gear, Interstellar and Batman Begins, all of which were shot on this unforgettable volcanic island. In fact, our fabulous helicopter tour guides actually filmed a lot of the aerial shots for those productions!

We’re gonna let the images and videos speak for themselves on this one, but since there’s a lot of interest surrounding Iceland as a destination, and our hosts were so awesome to us, so here are some of the things we got up to on our flying visit.

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01 May

GoPro Acquires French Software Company Kolor

Just when you thought that the momentum behind VR technologies and 360° video couldn’t get anymore… momentous (?), it was recently announced that GoPro is purchasing Kolor, a French software company that specialises in applications for 360° content producers.

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05 Mar

Affordable VR Coming to a Toy Box Near You

Google really seems to have set the ball rolling with Google Cardboard, its do-it-yourself VR headset that turns your smartphone into a budget Oculus Rift. Now the company has partnered with toy giant Mattel to update the iconic View-Master toy for the 21st century and give your kids a much-needed induction into the world of virtual reality.

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13 Feb
06 Feb

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