25 Jul

Google introduces 360° video ads on YouTube

360° Video ads on YouTubeWith 360° video becoming increasingly popular and favoured by marketers for the interactivity and engagement it provides, the world’s biggest companies such us Google, Microsoft, Samsung and Facebook have been making huge steps towards promoting and embracing the technology.

Google has just recently announced YouTube’s new feature, the 360-degree video ads. Spherical video makes storytelling stronger and brings the audience closer to the brand. The 360° ads can give a taste of the company’s identity and what a client can expect. “We’ve really designed them to help advertisers showcase their digital showrooms,” YouTube ads Product Manager JR Futrell said. Companies that have already incorporated 360° ads into their marketing campaigns have seen impressive results: “for instance, Coca-Cola’s 360° video celebrating the 100th anniversary of their iconic bottle design outperformed standard in-stream video ad view-through rates by 36%.” Inside AdWords

Whether your company’s aim is to promote a new product, show potential customers around or reach new leads, 360° ads is a tool to drive engagement.

The new ad format is currently available on Chrome and the mobile YouTube app on Android and iOS. Utilising your smartphone’s gyroscope you can view different parts of the video by simply moving the phone around, this makes 360° video ads a truly mobile-first video ad product. 360° Ads are also compatible with Google’s Cardboard VR headset.

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