01 May

GoPro Acquires French Software Company Kolor

Just when you thought that the momentum behind VR technologies and 360° video couldn’t get anymore… momentous (?), it was recently announced that GoPro is purchasing Kolor, a French software company that specialises in applications for 360° content producers.

Kolor’s software suite allows users to stitch together multiple videos taken from 360° rigs (those alien-looking contraptions with multiple GoPros strapped to them that you may have come across). Kolor software also facilitates the creation of 360° panoramas and virtual tours, all of which are becoming more and more mainstream as VR and 360° video continues to push further into the popular consciousness.

While the move has taken many by surprise, it makes great business sense when you consider that GoPro’s robust little cameras have become the unofficial cameras for choice for 360° video producers the world over. A host of compatible 3rd party accessories have already flooded the market to capitalise on the increased demand for VR content. GoPro’s foray into the space could end up being a tactical coup de grâce if the forecasts of the market’s growth meet initial expectations.

As users of both Kolor software and GoPro cameras, we at Polar Effect regard the move as a highly encouraging indication that the technology has finally come of age and that there is enormous potential for growth.

Visit the Apple app store to download Kolor Eyes, the 360° video player from Kolor here, and the Google play store for the Android version here. As fascinating as the footage that is being released is on a two-dimensional screen, you really need to try it with a full headset like the Oculus Rift or Samsung’s Gear VR. If you’re not quite ready to make the leap we highly recommend that you try one of the affordable sets of smartphone compatible VR goggles, such as Google Cardboard. Trust us on this, and watch this space for further updates.

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