13 Feb

Sunday’s NBA All-Star Event to be Filmed in 360 Degrees


Proof positive that VR is finally starting to break through into the mainstream, it was recently announced that tomorrow’s NBA All-Star game in New York’s iconic Madison Square Garden stadium will be filmed in full 360 degrees.

Basketball fans without the $9000 to fork out for each ring side seat, and who have access to a Samsung Gear VR headset, will be able to download the footage through the Samsung Milk VR store for absolutely free. The events to be made available on this occasion are the All-Star game, three-point competition, dunk competition and preliminary dunk competition practice.

This is not the first time that the NBA, or indeed other high profile organisations, have toyed with the idea VR broadcasts, and there is still a great deal of experimentation taking place in order to determine which is the best way to capture these events so as to provide the end viewer with the most immersive experience possible.

The replay value of such recordings is undeniable and the organisers know this, it’s just a matter of time for the technology to find its way into people’s homes and for a far greater amount of investment to be made into the recording and broadcast process. 360 degree video grants fans the luxury of being able to look almost anywhere in the stadium at any moment of an event, giving them a vantage point that even the most honoured VIP guest will not have access to while attending in person. This is the true magic of the 360 degree experience and we’re tremendously excited to see it finally starting to gain more attention.

Long may it continue!

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