The Philon360°  is a 4 axis stabilised camera rig for filming 360 degrees video using multiple small factor cameras like GoPro.

The 4 axis of the stabilised rig are Roll, Pitch, Yaw and Heave.
Roll, Pitch and Yaw correction is provided by 3 brushless gimbal motors and for the 4th axis, Heave (up and down motion, usually caused while walking) we use a Hydraulic suspension.
The materials used, are extremely lightweight bringing the final weight of the rig when fully loaded to just under 2 Kg including the battery and 7 xGopro hero 4 cameras.
The current configuration uses 7 x cameras (5 around the ring 1 up and 1 down) to cover the whole 360°x 180° sphere with the monopod stitched out at the Nadir.
We will be offering an option for twin camera bases for stereoscopic capture but we are also offering to create custom base-plates for other lightweight cameras you might prefer.
Perhaps you want to use more cameras to minimise the parallax effect, it is also do-able!
The distance from front to back or top to bottom lenses is 24cm and the tested No-Parallax Point is 140cm or 4.6 ft radius around the rig using only 7 un-modified  Gopro cameras with their original lenses.
It is possible to reduce that distance by using wider lenses or more cameras. 

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