Challenge… Accepted?

BE fast. BE smart. BE safe.

With EKO and the Cyprus Police

Road Challenges is a Virtual Reality educational game, ideal for children aged between 12 – 18 y.o. Learn how to use the road safely while having fun in VR! 

Collect points and win prizes every month!

Who’s behind Road Challenges?

Road Challenges VR is an initiative of EKO Hellenic Petroleum Cyprus and the Cyprus Police. It has been designed and produced by PolarEffect –

The game is specific to the traffic code of Cyprus and the language is Greek.

4 Levels:

Pedestrian | Cycling | Motorbike | Car

These four levels walk you through the fundamentals of road safety replacing your typical police-officer talk with an immersive gameplay!


Road Challenges VR. Pedestrian Level

Pedestrian Level

Learn how to use the road correctly as a pedestrian! Listen to the instructions and move to the next step by following the arrows!


Road Challenges VR. Bicycle LevelBicycle Level

Bicycle is your first vehicle! Before you start check your bike and gear! You are ready to go! Learn how to be safe, mind the pedestrians and inform other drivers of your next move! Enjoy the seaside ride and find out everything you know for a safe journey!


Road Challenges VR. Motorbike Level

 Motorbike Level

Once you reach 17 you are allowed to get a licence for a motorbike! Until then learn how to be safe and pay attention to the other drivers’ moves. Once you check your motorbike and your gear you are ready to go for a ride through the city. Watch out for surprises and listen to the instructions!


 Road Challenges VR. Car LevelCar Level

Surely you can’t wait until you are old enough to drive! As a driver you have the responsibility to keep yourself and others around you safe. Learn to watch the road for pedestrian and other vehicles and drive safely through the city. But first check your car is ready for the ride and your seat belt is on!

Road Challenges VR. Quiz LevelQuiz

Complete at least one of the four levels to play the Quiz! With each level you complete you unlock new questions. The Quiz level is your chance to learn the traffic signs and win many prizes! The more you play the more you learn, and the more you learn the more chances you get to win!!!

Collect as many points as you can to get on top of the leaderboard! Good luck!


The app works with Google Cardboard or any other VR headset. You can also play the game without a headset!

Have a tablet? Then you can enjoy the game on a bigger screen! 

The goal of the game is to introduce children to road safety using an innovative and interactive technology. We take the player in the centre of a 360º environment and walk them through the basics of road safety.

Interested in organising an event at your school? Get in touch via the “Contact” tab!

Important for a good experience?

For the best experience please use a powerful modern phone for smooth framerate and headtracking latency. Please, shut down other background tasks, this could help with performance. To give you an idea of what to expect, this game runs at 50-60 FPS a Samsung S6 running Android 5.1.1 and minimal background activity.
If you need support please e-mail

What’s Google Cardboard?
Cardboard is a low­-cost virtual reality viewer that you use with your smartphone to view a Virtual Reality experience.

Did you know that one of the competition prizes is the latest google cardboard branded with the Road Challenges graphics? Collect points by playing the quiz and get a chance to win your own headset!

Download the press release in English and Greek. For photos of the press conference click here.

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Watch the 360º video teaser for Road Challenges! Use your mouse or move your device to look around!

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