Sustainable Future






Polar Effect is a green company. We believe that it’s possible to run a business in a manner that conserves, rather than wastes. It seems a little senseless to run things as if it’s still the 80s…
With this in mind we’re based in Amsterdam, which is a great city for bicycles. Our utilities are supplied by one of the largest renewable energy companies in the Netherlands.
We run a virtual office, which works just as well on a train heading to the Northern Lights, as it does from the heart of Amsterdam. In addition, our partners are dispersed throughout Europe and are highly adept at using the Internet to avoid unnecessary travel and pointless face-to-face meetings.
Finally, the very wares we are peddling are green. Virtual reality as a medium allows an astonishing amount of information to be communicated in a completely immersive and non-physical way.  No paper brochures, no single-use products such as DVDs, basically no stuff made out of matter.

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