600 years ago Florentine artists were experimenting with perspective. For the first time in the history of representation two dimensional surfaces opened themselves up, allowing the viewer to access previously unseen depths. Our newfound ability to capture reality in 360 degrees will undoubtedly go down as a development of equal magnitude. For the first time in the history of the moving image we can take you inside a digital three-dimensional space and allow you to explore it in all directions.
The possibilities are staggering, from collaborative scientific research and education, to interactive art, entertainment and advertising, we can now immerse ourselves in each other’s worlds in ways that belonged to the furthest stretches of science fiction just a few decades ago.
The fourth wall is no more. A digital renaissance is upon us.
At Polar Effect our goal is to create stunning immersive experiences for a range of industries and venues. As VR evangelists of the most bug-bitten variety we aim to make the immersive 360° experience accessible to all. Yes, we’re technology nerds, but first and foremost we’re artists, and we bring a unique blend of these sensibilities to every job we take on. Each project we deliver is a singular expression of your own vision, facilitated by our technological know-how and creative attention to detail.
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